I finally logged into my Newgrounds account for the first time in well, I'm guessing almost a year. To best honest I really haven't missed this place much, but I'm going on a not-so-creative streak right now so I decided to whip up a few gay songs to please some of my friends, and to not please the ones the songs are making fun of. Also, they suck, because I've never recorded anything before.

Hurricane Ike (In Houston)

2008-09-21 18:02:46 by Toasty4you

My power was out between the times of Saturday 3:30 AM and Friday 3:00 PM. It was terrible, not having any electricity for lights, refrigeration, entertainment, and all the other things I'm used to. We had to cook on our Coleman stove, and ice was gold around here. My neighbor's tree fell through their roof as rain poured into their house while they were out of town. I bet they weren't expecting that when they got home. Fences down everywhere, street lights blinking, and more. It was pretty crazy.

Picture related.

Hurricane Ike (In Houston)

Dammit, not again...

2008-09-07 02:12:10 by Toasty4you

Banned from the BBS for 4 days. Try having fun without me.

Also, I totally read the entirety of a 5 page or more thread, flooded with walls of text, just so I could see a mod's post conveniently four posts before mine. Perfect.

Oh well, I shall fret not. I always have UG and Gleasonator to go about. ;D

Dammit, not again...

Gleasonator Revolution

2008-08-18 15:19:13 by Toasty4you

Tired of old, boring forums with uninteresting members? Are you sick of old sites that haven't been updated for months at a time? Do you want an online community that treats you like an individual? I have the answer, and the answer is Gleasonator Revolution.

This website really does speak out its name in terms of how much of a "revolution" this particular place is. My personal friend, and host of the website Alex, works very hard each and every day to make sure this website is fit for your needs and standards. Alex also makes this website very easy for you to get around. Just joined? Post in the New Member area. Have a way to make the website better? Post in Feedback and Alex will keep your thoughts in mind. Want to keep updated? The announcements section is the one for you.

And those examples were just in the Forum category. The other categories include The Arts, Bull$%!&, Entertainment, Everything Else, and the often unnoticed Thread Stash.

However, Gleasonator Revolution is more than just your ordinary forum. For every post you make, you get a little something called "coins." You can use your coins to buy something from the virtual shop, and you can proudly display your items below each of your posts.

Not enough for you? How about the Arcade? You can compete for highscores against other members of Gleasonator. It is always a fun challenge to face the high scores of other real people and compete for the gold trophy. Remember, don't keep your guard down or someone may snag that score from you!

Gleasonator Revolution is an ever changing, growing community with members that will make you feel at home. So join free today! No catch, no cost, nothing. I hope you have fun!

Also, if you comment on this news post, I'll reply back to each and every single message said and I'll also comment on YOUR news post page. So everybody wins!

Gleasonator Revolution

Agnry Libs

2008-06-13 12:10:55 by Toasty4you

Hurray! My first non-blammed flash! If you haven't played my game already, it's pretty entertaining for a minute or two. Even if it has a 1.88 right now, I'm still really proud of it and myself. Thank you Newgrounds for giving me this great opportunity!

Also, most of the things in my favorites list are in a completely random order. Don't mind that.


2008-01-02 19:38:42 by Toasty4you